Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held semi-annually in milan italy the autumn winter event is held in February March of each year and the spring summer event is held in september-october of each year history and operations Milan Fashion Week established in 1958 is part of the global big for Fashion Week’s the others being Paris Fashion Week London Fashion Week and new york fashion week the schedule begins with New York followed by London and then Milan and ending with Paris Milan Fashion Week is owned by kamran Asian al della moda italiana a non-profit association which disciplines coordinates and promotes the development of Italian fashion and is responsible for hosting the fashion events and shows of Milan the camera Syndicale della moda italiana was set up on jun 11 1958 this was the forerunner of the body which subsequently became the camera nazionale della moda italiana proprietors of the most important establishments in Italy including some private establishments which in those days played a crucial role in the promotion of this sector were present at the memorandum of association roberto capucci emilio schuberth maria antonia princess caracciolo Jannetty alberto fasciani Giovanni cjd German amaru celli simonetta colon adesso Soros squared Joel veneziani Francesco borrello giovanni battista Joe Genie and the lawyer peach show / e co the events dedicated to women’s fashion are the most important the summer events dedicated to men include menswear and milano moda whoa mo in 2013 the fall/winter Milan Fashion Week started on january twentieth with Paula Franny and was followed by shows from major fashion houses such as Armani Roberto Cavalli dolce & gabbana TRO fendi Ferragamo Gucci jil sander Marnie maxmara missoni moschino Philip lean prada Pucci john richmond Todd’s Versace etc but also by shows from new labels and younger days niners such as or zsa zsa Cristiano biryani Gabrielle Colangelo marco de vincenzo stella jean chico Luol d msgm na degree 21 Fausto Puglisi francesco scognamiglio etc on November 20 2013 giorgio armani announced he has decided to join the italian chamber of fashion locations milan fashion week including more than 40 shows each season transforms the city into a touristic hob by simply creating various venues for the show’s selecting the most elegant and influential palaces to become the stage for design example of location our Palazzo rial Palazzo sir baloney and many others controversy in 2014 greenpeace protested to demand toxic-free fashion by hanging signs in the galleria vittorio emanuele to shira Campion of greenpeace italy said the demonstration was set up to ask italian brands especially versace because it has the highest level of hazardous chemicals in its products to publicly commit to eliminate harmful substances from the various stages of production references see also Berlin Fashion Week London Fashion Week New York Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week external links Milan Fashion Week official site Milan Fashion Week

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