The Ultimate Guide to Sterling Silver Bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets have a beautiful coloring and sophisticated sheen that makes them stylish and timeless. The best thing about sterling silver bracelets is that their neutral tone blends with all types of outfits whether formal, casual, or professional wear and is different from plated silver due to its increased durability. It is durable and resistant to damage because it retains original qualities of the metal.

Sterling silver bracelets are exquisite, and it can be quite challenging to find high-quality pieces. Hundreds of people sell jewelry online or locally. Assessing the quality of what they should not be overlooked. You need to know whether you are buying authentic products or not. Don’t waste your hard-earned cash on fake pieces that can only last you a few months.

What to consider when buying Sterling Silver Bracelets:

Let’s have a look at some essential tips to help you buy genuine sterling silver bracelets.

The price:

First, you do not expect to find cheap sterling silver bracelets because they are made of precious metal. The price of the bracelet will guide you. The most straightforward test you can do is comparing the costs of different types of silver bracelets.

Do your homework and know the current market price of sterling silver. That price should give you a rough estimate of the cost of the jewelry you are planning to buy. Low prices might be an indication that the metal is of low quality or fake. You also should be wary of blowout sales or massive discounts because they could be fake pieces.

Ask the seller about pricing options when you visit a local shop or online store. Get information about exchange options and refunds. Do not make a mistake of buying any sterling silver bracelet without a return or full refund option. With such options, you can be sure that you are purchasing genuine jewelry.

Have a discussion with the seller:

If it is possible for you to talk to the sales representative, do not hesitate to do so. Where you buy your bracelets dictates whether you will get an excellent opportunity to speak to the seller or not. Speaking to the seller allows you to ask questions about silver sourcing, hallmarks, and pricing among other relevant things. You will be in an excellent position to make well-informed decisions when you get correct and honest answers to your questions. Buying jewelry from a physical shop is a great option because you are less likely to be scammed.

Look for hallmarks and silver grade specifications:

Real silver jewelry should have some marking that shows that it’s the real deal. You can find such hallmarks in discrete places on your bracelet, and they are incredibly tiny. You may need intense lighting or a magnifying glass to check them. In case you already bought your silver bracelet, inspect it physically to know if you have real silver. STERLING or.925 are indicated on genuine sterling silver. Such marking indicates high-quality jewelry.

Be cautious if you want to buy online:

There are thousands of online marketplaces for purchasing sterling silver bracelets. In case buying online is the best alternative for you, exercise caution. Reputable online shops have at least one physical store specified on the website. You will also get a substantial exchange or refund policy. They also have a customer representative who guides you in choosing products. It is also advisable to check online for testimonials and customer reviews.

Perform physical tests:

If you want to be sure that you bought genuine sterling silver bracelets, perform several physical tests. They do not have to be significant tests. The first test you may want to conduct is locating your bracelet with a magnet. Silver is not magnetic, so if your sterling silver bracelet is attracted to the magnet, it is probably nickel or other metals. Use a powerful magnet for this test, conventional household magnets are not efficient.

The other simple test you can perform is rubbing your bracelet with a white cloth. The appearance of black spots is an indication that you bought a genuine sterling silver bracelet. Silver oxidizes when you expose it to air, so it creates those black marks.

A sound test is also recommended. Tap your bracelet with an object or metal. If it is real silver, you will hear vibrations or a high-pitched ring that lasts for some seconds. Deeper or duller rings are an indication of steel or copper alloys.

Proper Maintenance of Sterling Silver Bracelets


The only way to ensure that your sterling silver bracelet lasts a lifetime is taking care of it properly. Minimize damages and scratches by storing it in a cloth pouch. You can as well buy a jewelry box with several compartments. Do not expose your sterling silver bracelet to ammonia or bleaching agents. Remove it when you want to swim in chlorinated water. Such chemicals will damage your bracelet.

Cleaning regularly:

The build-up of silver tarnish can potentially lower the quality of your bracelet. A thin layer forms when silver reacts with hydrogen sulfide or sulfur in the air. Remove that tarnish, use polishes designed explicitly for that job. You can buy such clothes, solutions, or beautiful silver finishes in specialty craft stores or hardware stores.

A tarnish can best be removed if it is visible. To prevent the buildup of tarnish, it is advisable that you wear your sterling silver bracelet quite often. Regular cleaning of your bracelet keeps it sparkling and bright. Below are methods of cleaning your sterling silver bracelet.

Water and soap: The gentleness of water and soap makes this an effective cleaning method. Try this cleaning method first before you go ahead to use other cleaning materials.

Water and baking soda: Ignore those who tell you to use toothpaste. You can no longer use toothpaste because it has ingredients that can damage your bracelet. The best solution is to use water and baking soda. Apply small amounts of water and baking soda on a cloth and scrub your bracelet gently.

These bracelets look fantastic and can last for a lifetime. Be careful when buying sterling silver to ensure that you only purchase real silver. Proper maintenance will also increase the durability of your bracelet.

7 Smart Shoe Buying Tips for Women

If you opt for low-quality high heel shoes and wear them on a regular basis, they may deform your feet. On the other hand, the right pair can make your life a lot easier. In other words, you will walk for hours without feeling any pain in your feet. Given below are some shoe shopping tips that can help you opt for the right pair.

Do your Homework

First of all, you need to know that there is a lot of variety out there. But your job is to look for shoes that will be right for you. So, put aside a few hours to do your research. It’s not a good idea to give up hope. Patience has its reward.

Visit a Store

Second, you should go to a shop that specializes in traditional, sit-and-fit service. There you should ask the salesperson to take the measurement of your feet. It’s a good idea to guess your size. Over time, feet tend to change in size. So, you may want to check your shoe width.

Don’t opt for a pair if you are unable to move your feet inside a shoe. What you should do is get a toe box that has enough room for you to wiggle your feet in. For day-to-day walking, you may get a pair that features a heel size of up to one inch.

Flats are not always better

Some people make the mistake of assuming that flats are better. As a matter of fact, in most cases, they are not. Generally, flat soles may cause your feet to roll inward when you are walking. Ideally, you should get a pair that features in-built arch support, which will give your feet and ankles enough stability.

Shoe Hype

Some people think that high heel is not truly high heel if it’s not at least 3 inch high. The fact of the matter is that a heel that is lower than one inch is called a low heel. Similarly, mid-height refers to a heel that is around 2 inches high. And higher than two inches refers to a high heel.

Don’t buy High-Heeled Shoes for Day-to-Day use

Experts suggest that high heels should not be worn on a daily basis as they may deform your feet. Save them for special events instead. Actually, what happens is that they put too much pressure on your forefoot. As a result, you may develop a callus, pinched nerve, hammertoe or bunion.

Opt for Comfortable Shoes

If you want to be comfortable, go for a pair of comfortable sneakers. According to many reports, many models have deformed their shoes because of wearing high heels on a daily basis.

So, it’s better to give a higher priority to your health and get a pair of shoes that can give support to your feet and is comfortable at the same time.

So, these are a few smart tips that may help you avoid common mistakes when buying a pair of shoes.

Boost Your Fashion Image Using Clever Moves

Fashion has the power to stop people in their tracks, thereby producing strong confidence and the reward of recognition. Boosting your image via clothing require creative self-expression and a passion for standing out from the crowd.

People of fashion are pathfinders for those who love looking good and showing the world the beauty of expression. If you desire to be such a person, consider the following tips designed to help you glamorize yourself in the sight of your family, friends, and strangers.

The Message

Before you go and purchase a giant wardrobe, you must know what message you want to portray in society. You must have an idea of what you want people to think about you. Do you want to convey a message of sophistication, coolness, intelligence or professionalism? Whatever image you desire to portray, you must organize your wardrobe around such a message.

Zero in on Specific Places

Where do you want to start establishing your fashion message? Your goal is to dress specifically to impress the people in these areas. For example,

The Workplace

Suppose you want to portray an image of professionalism at your workplace. You may not be a boss or even a supervisor. Yet, if you want to dress like one, you can begin with a nice blue or black suit and striped tie. You never know what can occur when you convey an image of professionalism. For one thing, your confidence will soar, and you just might be promoted.

The Community

Are you a popular person in your community? If not, you can become one by portraying the message of cool, calm and collected. You can throw on a pair of cool looking sunglasses, a pair of relaxed, baggy designer jeans and Adidas tennis shoes. For an accessory, you can wear a slick looking chain around your neck or fancy earrings if you are a woman.

Restaurants, libraries, grocery stores, parks in the summer, or community festivals are fair game to establish yourself as a person of fashion.

Special Occasions

Do you want to be the life of the party on any occasion? Then you will have to dress so that you will stand out from the crowd. Wearing something semi flamboyant? You will have to try to match the magnetism of the main attraction, whoever or whatever that may be.

You might want to wear bright solid color clothing. For example, you may dress down in a red or purple blouse and skirt or evening gown or a cocktail dress with accompanying jewelry and small money purse.

The list of special occasions, including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, festivals, annual attractions within the community.

Hang Around Fashion Minded People

You want to stay motivated to be the best-looking thing on the scene. How can you do this if you don’t hang around people who love fashion, even if competition for attention is intense? The good thing about competition is that it keeps you coming up with new and creative ways to self-expression via clothing styles.

If you want to become a person of fashion it is a mistake to become a lone wolf in your quest to promote a beautiful image of yourself. People who hate fashion or those who are indifference toward it will discourage you jealousies, exclusions, and whispers behind the back.

Go to Fashion Shows

Catch every possible fashion function available in your town or city. You can learn a lot from attending or even participating in local fashion shows. This is an accelerated strategy for getting your image out there, especially if you desire to become a model.

Aspiring models don’t hesitate to travel long distances to make themselves known. Modeling is a highly competitive profession, requiring great sacrifices before receiving the invitation to fame. Participating in fashion shows is the key to achievement.

Win an endorsement

If you aggressively put yourself out there is the fashion scene, chances are that you will put yourself in a position to receive an endorsement for a current fashion icon, whether locally or nationally. The bolder and more confident you are in boosting your fashion image.

Many popular models discover their fame and success via an endorsement from well-known fashion gurus or designers.

Boosting one’s fashion image isn’t for the weak. It takes courage to stand out from the crowd and be your own person. But that is the stuff which queens and kings are made of. Your commitment to becoming a person of fashion and your perseverance to keep going when the going gets tough is the key to ultimate success.

Coachella Boho Fashion

Coachella music festivals and sandy beaches, the waves lapping at your feet, the wind blowing your bohemian hi low skirts and Ariana Grande singing your favorite songs in front of spring crazy millennials. That’s right, it’s festival season. Lets get in the mood for colorful free spirited boho fashion clothing.

Coachella festival fashion beats to the music of hipster, bohemian grunge fashion where natural recycled fabrics take the lead. Be it flared and swinging gypsy skirts in shades of reds and oranges or recycled sari wrap skirt dresses which you can style in just about any way you want. Coachella is the perfect time to be daring and naughty.

An oversized sheer printed caftan top with a crochet bikini top peeping through the plunging neckline is a street style that can worn with shorts as well. Throw on a halter top with a patchwork midi skirt with chunky platforms and you are a boho fashionista.White embroidered tunics with ripped vintage jeans, colorful malas and gladiator sandals and you are festival hip till the last song.

Floral printed long, feminine sundresses, solid stonewashed strap dresses with combat boots and you’re good to rock on. Keep cool and chic with a bikini top paired with contrasting patchwork high waisted cotton harem pants. A pair of colorful sneakers to keep your feet comfortable as you will be standing all day. A hot, April day needs a swimsuit and since many Coachella fans end up at pool parties a one piece paired with a soft flared gypsy hi low skirt is a great choice. A pair of strappy sandals and you are cool, cute and comfortable.

Fringe, cutoff denim shorts paired with saucy, backless tank tops or long palazzo sari pants, mix- match prints and fashion into streetwise hipster chic. Festival fashion outfits that remind us of sunsets and beaches, soft and silken caftan maxi dresses with slits to show off your legs, the daring boho fashionista is earth friendly with her choice of recycled fabrics.

Handmade artisan crafted hemp cotton harem pants and loose flowy cotton tunics are great choices for guys. Stacked beads and the camel tooth or evil eye necklaces give you a Johnny Depp inspired hippy style. Stonewashed cotton tunics look amazing with distressed ripped jeans. Find them in dark and light colors, keeping the buttons open to show off your chest. Mix and match white sheer voile embellished kurtas with harems or jeans to give the edgy boho look.

Rock on to the wild beats of music and pulsing sunsets.

Milan Fashion Week

Milan Fashion Week is a clothing trade show held semi-annually in milan italy the autumn winter event is held in February March of each year and the spring summer event is held in september-october of each year history and operations Milan Fashion Week established in 1958 is part of the global big for Fashion Week’s the others being Paris Fashion Week London Fashion Week and new york fashion week the schedule begins with New York followed by London and then Milan and ending with Paris Milan Fashion Week is owned by kamran Asian al della moda italiana a non-profit association which disciplines coordinates and promotes the development of Italian fashion and is responsible for hosting the fashion events and shows of Milan the camera Syndicale della moda italiana was set up on jun 11 1958 this was the forerunner of the body which subsequently became the camera nazionale della moda italiana proprietors of the most important establishments in Italy including some private establishments which in those days played a crucial role in the promotion of this sector were present at the memorandum of association roberto capucci emilio schuberth maria antonia princess caracciolo Jannetty alberto fasciani Giovanni cjd German amaru celli simonetta colon adesso Soros squared Joel veneziani Francesco borrello giovanni battista Joe Genie and the lawyer peach show / e co the events dedicated to women’s fashion are the most important the summer events dedicated to men include menswear and milano moda whoa mo in 2013 the fall/winter Milan Fashion Week started on january twentieth with Paula Franny and was followed by shows from major fashion houses such as Armani Roberto Cavalli dolce & gabbana TRO fendi Ferragamo Gucci jil sander Marnie maxmara missoni moschino Philip lean prada Pucci john richmond Todd’s Versace etc but also by shows from new labels and younger days niners such as or zsa zsa Cristiano biryani Gabrielle Colangelo marco de vincenzo stella jean chico Luol d msgm na degree 21 Fausto Puglisi francesco scognamiglio etc on November 20 2013 giorgio armani announced he has decided to join the italian chamber of fashion locations milan fashion week including more than 40 shows each season transforms the city into a touristic hob by simply creating various venues for the show’s selecting the most elegant and influential palaces to become the stage for design example of location our Palazzo rial Palazzo sir baloney and many others controversy in 2014 greenpeace protested to demand toxic-free fashion by hanging signs in the galleria vittorio emanuele to shira Campion of greenpeace italy said the demonstration was set up to ask italian brands especially versace because it has the highest level of hazardous chemicals in its products to publicly commit to eliminate harmful substances from the various stages of production references see also Berlin Fashion Week London Fashion Week New York Fashion Week Paris Fashion Week external links Milan Fashion Week official site Milan Fashion Week

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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Buying a Designer Handbag

When it comes to fashion styles, most women just go crazy. In other words, they become impulsive and buy things based on what is trending. Instead, the right way is to give more importance to the functionality of the things that they buy. Aside from this, there are many other mistakes that women make when buying different things. Typically, designer handbags are quite expensive. Therefore, we suggest that you use your money wisely and opt for a good handbag. The following tips will help you avoid some common mistakes.

1. Size

Some designer handbags offer similar features. They can fit a certain body form. But the problem is that some women ignore this fact. As a result, they end up buying a product that won’t fit them. A bag that won’t fit you is useless for you no matter how stylish it is.

If you have a slim body, you should opt for a purse that looks like a bottle. Actually, petite girls should not go for a oversized unit. One the other hand, thin but tall women may want to go with a bag that has round shape.

2. Cheap Items

It’s a fact that high-end designer handbags are pricy. However, that’s doesn’t mean you can’t find a good brand at a lower cost. It’s not a good idea to be overwhelmed when seeing the fashion styles. In other words, don’t buy a bag that you like right away. It’s not the only item left. So, do think about the price before you choose an item.

An easy way to avoid this mistake is to do your research beforehand. Nowadays, you can find a lot of shops online where you can see the price tag with each item. This can help you compare the prices easily.

3. Cheap Stuff

Although it’s good to compare prices of things you want to buy, it may also create problems for you. Cheap handbags may attract you, but make sure you do your homework before opting for a cheap unit. Bags that are too cheap are either damaged or replicas. So, it’s better to give more importance to quality.

The best places to buy these bags are the online shops. Checking authenticity of the items is important if you are buying online. This won’t be a problem if you can easily tell the difference between a real and fake item, though.

4. Color Selection

Often, people overlook another important element when buying a handbag: color. Typically, women go for things that match their clothing and accessories. As a result, they mess up as far as the color choice is concerned. Ideally, it’s better to buy a plain-colored bag to be on the safe side.

It’s fun to opt for a handbag that is in fashion. However, choosing an attractive color and style may not be that easy. What you need to do is consider the size, color, quality and functionality of the handbag before making the final decision.

In short, make sure you follow these tips if you want to avoid making common mistakes when buying a designer handbag.

7 Tips to Take Into Account Before You Buy A Designer Handbag

Purses are the lifelines of women. They are always with them whenever they leave their house. Therefore, if you are a woman, make sure you invest in a good handbag, especially a designer handbag. If you have no idea which one you should buy, we have given a few tips below to help you. Read on.

1. Consider your Budget

As with buying anything, make sure you set your budget when buying a handbag. In fact, you can opt for the best one as long as you are within your budget limit. Go for a well-made product instead of buying more than one.

2. Buy a Well Made bag

Before you spend a good deal of money on your desired handbag, it’s a good idea to ensure that the bag is worth the price you are going to pay for it. For this, you should check the bag properly. Take a look at its stitching, the inside and outside. The hardware should also be good quality. If it feels flimsy, we suggest that you go for a different product.

3. Don’t choose a Colorful one

It may be tempting to buy a colorful bag, but we won’t recommend it. This type of bag will go out of fashion in a short period of time or you may get sick of it pretty soon. So, it’s better to opt for something neutral.

4. Opt for a Multipurpose unit

Ideally, you should buy something that can help you get the most of your money, especially if you are going to spend a lot of money. You may want to go for one that features convertible straps. It’s even better if it has a top handle and a body strap as well.

5. Make Sure it’s User Friendly

Make sure that the bag you are going to purchase is easy to use. Test the bag prior to buying it to ensure it is user friendly. Keeping this point in mind, it’s better that you buy a bag at a local store instead of an online shop.

6. Choose the Right Size Wisely

Size is important when you are looking for a good designer handbag. Ideally, you should search for a bag that is of the right size. In other words, it should not be too big or too small. With a bigger bag, it may be tempting to carry too many things. So, it’s better to buy a medium size so you can only carry what you really need.

7. Try the Bag at the Store

The handbag you are going to buy shouldn’t slip off your shoulder. This is why it’s better that you do a carry test first. Also, it should not leave any marks on your skin after use.

Long story short, if you are finding it hard to look for a good designer handbag, use the tips given above. After you have bought a few handbags, it will be easier for you to make this purchase in the future. Hope this helps.